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Completed Projects

Below is the compiled list of the Completed Projects

  1. A 5 rooms toilet for staff by 1954 set
  2. 4 units of computer sets and a printer were delivered to the school by 1967 set
  3. Boff & Company - Insurance Brokers Ltd (a non old boy) Donated an ICT room, well equipped with internet facility for students
  4. Kazeem Rasheed (London) donated 26 units Fans to the classrooms
  5. Old Boys in UK & Ireland donated 28 pairs of students' furniture
  6. Exercise books (six each) were given to Jss 1 and one each to all other students by 1979 set
  7. 30 pairs of modern furniture for students by 1991 set
  8. Lagos Branch of Old Boys (Adewale & Co) repaired leaking roof and also appointed two teachers of MATHS & ENGLISH
  9. Furniture in the Principal's office was donated by 1954 set (Baba Bello & Co)
  10. The heavy Diesel Generator was repaired by Admiral Akintola
  11. Facilitation of 100 pairs of furniture and renovation of 5 Classrooms for adoption in the Laboratory Block by Class '83 from OYSG

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